While their father was in the military visiting the library at the base and visiting the base beach were our favorite family activities. As we lived near to Air Force Base Air Force Base, we were thankful and grateful for the opportunities to participate in free activities and diversion.

In 1973, witnessing an aerial show of Thunderbirds from the Air Force Thunderbirds didn't seem unusual. In the past, touring by the Thunderbirds were nearly a regular occasion. The time was when my son who was in pre-school and my daughter, who was just a toddler and myself were all military dependents. We sat in a circle and were able to watch the aerial show. After watching the aerobatic flying team and the aerobatic team, we spent the rest of the day on the base and exploring military aircraft.

A few days later we visited the Tyndall Air Force Base Beach that had playground equipment. While we were on the shore, pilots of the Thunderbird team made a splash across the beach's white sand. Of course, they were wearing glasses of aviator. The picture of the military pilots wearing their uniforms, with the lenses of dark green, the white sand, was an amazing image.

What was the reason that the pilots were at the beach? I was honestly, ignorant. When we were watching that the pilots were not there, we didn't pay attention since we were playing at the playground on the beach playing, sliding and swinging and enjoying sunshine and fun.

But, reliving that moment even to this day, what's the background story behind the iconic Aviator glasses worn by military pilots?

Prior to the year 1936, pilots in military were wearing goggles. They were called "pilot's glasses" were designed and manufactured through Bausch & Lomb. Although sunglasses protect your eyes from the direct sunlight, glasses of the aviator provided protection for the eyes of pilots so that they could fly in the sky. Since aviators wore them the glasses were evidently called glasses for aviators.

In the film Top Gun , Tom Cruise and his co-stars wore aviator sunglasses. The film Top Gun, an explosive and stunning hit film from 1986 and the Navy witnessed a surge in the number of recruits. Because Ray-Ban advertised the aviator sunglasses so well, it shouldn't be unimaginable that Ray-Ban saw an upswing in the sale for glasses for aviators too.

Naturally, celebrities were seen and even photographed wearing the stunning Aviator glasses. This increased the popularity of the glasses. However, the light metal frames with big teardrop lenses were convex and not like sunglasses that were flat with dark green lenses.

Furthermore the dark green lenses are not trendy. They are designed scientifically, and the dark green color helps in reducing shine as well as improving clarity and clarity.

Even though Ray-Ban sells aviator sunglasses with dark green, black or gray lenses they're far from the only manufacturer of Aviator glasses. If you search Google for the term "aviator glasses," you'll see other brands as well as different models from the original sunglasses. Incredibly, one of the most well-known retailers offers their own version of aviator glasses at $8.00.

In World War II, General Douglas McArthur arrived in the Philippines and was photographed with Aviator glasses. Naturally, the photo was published in the leading newspapers.

in the 1950s Marlon Brando was spotted wearing aviator sunglasses, that gave a rugged and mysterious edge to his glasses. In the 60s Ringo as well as Paul McCartney wore aviator glasses to rock shows that gave the glasses an urban vibe. In reality, Ringo and Paul opted for yellow and pink lenses. From the beginning of military to cinema screens, aviator sunglasses are now fashionable and trendy. In addition, aviator glasses don't have gender specific characteristics.

In reality, glasses of the aviator are a classicand stylish accessory for fashion. With the launch of Top Gun: Maverick, there's bound to be a rise in sales of Aviator glasses. I can't help but think if the military has been able to recruit more people.

In the end, for fashion, comfort and to protect yourself the best option for you is aviator sunglasses. Why would you choose regular glasses? The iconic glasses can be worn by almost any face shape, everybody or nearly everyone looks stunning with the aviator glasses.

Looking good!