How Can Moonstone and Opal Aid You?

Today, in this blog, we're going to look at two precious stones that are in demand due to their amazing appearance and their healing properties. They are among the most stunning gemstones that create the magic of its metaphysical attributes. Therefore, let's explore the characteristics of these two gems in depth.


The most stunning stone called the Opal that will bring to mind nature elements such as fire and water. The Opal is made up of water and silica which displays the amazing hue that leaves everyone amazed by its beauty.

It is also the Birthstone for those born during October, the month that is celebrated in. It has some amazing properties which have won the hearts of lovers of gems. But, it took over 5 million years to complete the creation of the opal crystal. The water evaporated and the silica left behind created the crystal opal; they were discovered in cracks of the mountains in Australia in Australia and Ethiopia. The stone was mined and shipped to the factory for polishing, cutting and setting into Sterling Silver metal.

Healing benefits

Opal Jewelry has certain significance as they block negative energy of life and enlist positive energies. Furthermore, they hold an affinity with the planet Venus which symbolizes affection and love. This means that these gemstones can make the couple more close and help create a sense of understanding that will strengthen their love last for the rest of their lives. Many countries couples are choosing an Opal Ring as their engagement rings since they are inexpensive and look quite attractive.


Moonstone is the stone that is sought around the globe for its brilliance and luster. The shine of this gem can kill people and make them to fall in love with it. Women wear moonstone Jewelry for their cat gatherings, and everyone is shocked. The stone is available in a shade of white, blue green, rainbow and other colors. It is part of the feldspar mineral family , and has a range of 5-6 in the Mohs scale of hardness. A lot of people believe that they are moonbeams which have fallen into earth, and possess the energy of goddess Diana in them. This assists in bringing luck and good fortune. Moonstone crystals can be found everywhere in the world however the most desirable kind of crystals are located on the coasts of India as well as Sri Lanka.

Properties for healing

Numerous astrologers recommend that people wear this gem. Additionally it is also the birthstone for June babies. The stone helps to prevent issues associated with anxiety, stress and depression. It also helps to heal digestive problems and rid our bodies of toxic substances. It also helps to prevent sunburns, headaches and bleeding nose. If you're someone who is connected to art through painting, singing, music or any other activity that is connected to imagination, then this stone is perfect for you. It is able to let you think out beyond the norm and create something distinctive. In the end, you'll be able make wise choices in your life which will certainly aid you in the future.

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