New Home Exterior Details

It's been a while since we moved, and it feels great! I finally have time to get my feet down and begin writing again. I've been so absent from you all. What better way to get back in the groove then to start sharing the exterior of our house that we have built. There's a lot to be done, but it's moving ahead. I'm looking forward to keeping you informed as the project progresses.

Could they be cuteer?

Navy is a fan of the water system that runs through the yard!

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Home Exterior Paint Colors

We looked around and around getting the perfect white shade for our outside. If we were going to go with all siding (also called cedar shake) it is clear that we would have chosen gray paint. It was an easy choice, Universal Grey by PPG! It's beautiful. But, HOA (Aaron) only permits 10% of the siding. This is the main reason we decided to go with brick for our home. We believed that brick fit more to the Southern Hamptons style vs all stucco. As we see it now this way, it's the right option.

We decided to go with Snowbound as the primary exterior of the house. The trim is Chantilly Lace.

That sunset on your windows. No editing is required!

TIP For choosing the brick we would be used for the exterior of the house we chose the least expensive, most durable brick Partners in Building offers. As we knew we would be painting it, it seemed sensible. Why pay for bricks will never be seen? One area where we didn't spend much was with the sidewalk and our front patio brick.

The choice of a white exterior isn't easy. It all depends on the surroundings. What color is calming to you? Do you prefer cool or warm colors? Are you going for more traditional or modern? The list of questions continues and on. Make sure you don't miss any details in this section. This is a major choice.

For Aaron and me We wanted something with none of blue or yellow. Anything with a hint that was yellow, in the particular area of the neighborhood was too creamy, which isn't the direction we were looking for. We had a moment when we decided on one of the colors and were totally sold on the color. This was until we saw the painter painting our small miniature house (the one you saw which they constructed to make it easier to see the roof and trim color, as well as the principal color) only to reveal blue. Then I realized what was wrong. We needed a system that didn't have blue or yellow.

With Snowbound you can get an ideal shade. The creamy color you're seeing really is brown. LOVE! The color Snowbound has more of a grey undertone than cream. It's also amazing inside...especially when your home is exposed to lots of sun from the west or south shining into.

Sidewalk as well as Porch Brick

The brick we picked for the walkway and the porch was interesting. Aaron who always has my attention and ears was the one who chose Old Bayou, Old Texas brick. It was not budget-friendly. It was actually far over budget. It did happen to be one of only items he requested and I was not going to turn down the opportunity. It's gorgeous and definitely the most beautiful choice of bricks we've picked. It certainly stands out and I'm very happy Aaron discovered this on the "do not pick" pile.

The brick was also added to headwalls of the driveway. If it didn't cost an arm and leg, we could have completed all of the driveway...Maybe the company would like to collaborate someday! *Hint *Hint

The Front Door and Shutters

I am beyond thrilled over the color of the front doors and shutters. Also, choosing the color that stands out in our community of 21 houses and all of them have a similar shade of white/tan , was a major deal. It required quite a bit of convincing Aaron that we should paint the front door. It's not difficult to imagine what it might appear like. Aaron is highly visually inclined. I convinced to believe me with this project (like that I had done with windows) and it transpires, he is in love with the idea! I was of the opinion that the house was in need than a splash and since it was the focal point of the house it was the perfect option to take. Additionally, I'm not able to be enough of the color Normandy. I'm thinking of purchasing some chairs to put in front of the room and painting them Normandy as well.


Townsend light source is Hudson Lighting. Hudson Lighting

Front Lights

The lights are the perfect accent to our exterior home and I find myself gazing at the lights. These lights are my most favorite thing. They bring me such happiness! It was an easy decision when I began to research lighting. Hudson Valley Lighting was the one I chose. They don't just have the largest selection of lighting to choose from, but they also have the quality. I wouldn't choose just anyone! I wanted a reputable firm to offer the highest quality. The lights should last for the duration of the home. Furthermore, Aaron was relying on me to make this choice. It was crucial not to disappoint him. The exteriors of the houses sparkle and look elegant.

As the Townsend lights were lit up at the front of the building I might or might not have been a little choked up bit. They're breathtaking and more stunning in the real world!

Back Lights

We chose for the back another set of lighting. This was a bit unwise, but was the right decision. A more casual setting for those evenings with friends would have been more fitting for the room. Wow, I could not choose better! They match our style perfectly. The lights are the eyes of your house. They should shine and make the perfect accessory. These Park Slopes from Hudson Valley Lighting are not a disappointment. It's actually quite enjoyable to stroll over towards the back of the yard to look at them while the sun goes down!

Hudson Valley Lights, Park Slope

If you're in the need of a minor interior makeover, think about switching out the lights. They really can make an impact. Make use of HVL to build your next project or remodel! Both outdoor and indoor and everything in between! Don't miss out on seeing the interiors we have chosen!

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Wait until it starts to fill'll be stunning. It's great to have new landscaping, but well-established landscaping will be the most beautiful!

Landscaping was an entirely different project I threw at myself. Aaron did not have any suggestions or concepts. He seemed to think I understood! The only thing he's concerned about is adhering to HOA rules. He believes that as part of HOA He sets the tone which is where the influence comes in.

Landscaping can be a lengthy investment therefore this part of the article shouldn't take too long. This will be a work-in-progress.

Firstof all, it's extremely difficult to find a trustworthy landscaper. I've been arrested and had to bail out numerous times. Be sure that the person you choose to choose to hire has a good reputation and is in line with your goals.


In terms of what suggestions I might have? It is important to have lush grass that was green throughout the year. I discovered Zoysia is an excellent grass suitable for the south. It's green all year long, is slow to grow (so less needing to mowing) and doesn't contract diseases. It's pet-friendly and has the feel of carpeting under your feet. What else could you want? It's not cheap, but I thought I could make up for it by having less work to do.


A border around our property similar to what they have on the Hamptons was on the top of the list of things to do. Privacy is crucial since we're just beginning our family. It's not that our neighbourhood isn't cannot have enough privacy. I don't want strangers peeking into my naked children.

8/11/20 UPDATE:

Hedges are back! At least, 50% of them. We're still trying to decide what we want to do with the other half of the yard. When we are satisfied with our choices we will be adding the remainder of the hedges. We wanted to be patient and then water our grass...time as well as money!

The hedges we chose to use are known as Wax Leaf Privet. We ruminated on which one to purchase. We were at Moon Valley (in Spring off 45) and they pointed our to precisely what we'd wanted for a long time. Privets are a dark green that Aaron and I think will be a nice contrast to the grass.

Wax Leaf Privets also grow to great heights and become super full! Great for privacy! This is the aim.

Trees and Plants

Regarding what we would like to see on our front home's exterior, I was hoping for circular hedges that would line the entire front...somewhere in the process, I was convinced to square the hedges off. It is possible to change it however I do believe it is great to have a single and squared off boxwood that lines the front porch in the end. We decided to put two round boxwoods at both the beginning of the sidewalk , and at each side of our house. It's an interesting contrast.

8/11/20 Update:

On both sides of the driveway, we were able to go through Japanese Blueberries. They are available in many sizes. We picked shorter and larger instead of taller and more thin.

On the other aspect of our front yard , we picked the Weeping Willow. There are many reasons why that led us to this particular tree. The first is that the location is slightly lower, and as a result the ground is filled with water most of the time. Willows love water and aid in soaking up the water the water in the area. Additionally, Aaron and I felt the tree was in line with our house. It's romantic, simple and will be able to grow with us.

There's a lot of worry regarding Weeping Willows entering pipes and causing havoc. The truth is that this happens as a problem when pipes are older and the tree is searching for water. We were fortunate to plant this in a way that it's not too far away, so in the next 30 years, the pipes we have will still be fine. If you have any concerns regarding this, don't hesitate to contact Moon Valley and they'll explain the whole thing to you.

My Beloved Hydrangeas

If you are a fan of my IG then you'll be aware of how much I want my babies to develop and become a part of our front outside. My southern heart will not stop until they're large and beautiful! We picked Big Daddy Hydrangeas as they are were considered to be the best in terms of appearance ( I love the large leaves!) and those that can withstand the heat. Our house is located in the north and this is the most important factor to their growth. But, the solstice of summer does not work to my advantage in the moment, however, I'm optimistic. There's a chance that they'll be successful. Hydrangeas require a little affection and time to establish.

In terms of trees. We're continuing to work on this. It was one of those things that I thought I had to get out of the house to get the landscaping started. It was then my turn to decide what would go where. As we sit sitting here, with a view, I think a willow plant located in the left-hand corner of the yard could be amazing. In addition, two magnolias the opposite end of the drive would look incredibly appealing.

I am so excited to be here!

Future plans for the Backyard

As clean and simple as my plans for the exterior of the backyard are, they aren't cheap. We seem to continue to work on this particular project.

As I mentioned earlier I'd like to hedge my entire yard to provide privacy. We went with Yews. We'll have them into the area within the next few weeks.

I also would like to plant three large trees that are evenly planted in the middle and back in the backyard. In between each tree will be the garden. In the area around it will be hedges of boxwood. This will make all of it uniformed...just as I love it. Similar to the image below. Each tree is scattered further. These little landscaping ideas can make your home's outside stand out.

We will eventually create a vegetable garden and a food garden. It will be all organic, of course! Let's be thankful that God gave me an herb garden!

In addition, the plans is to include an area to sit with umbrellas, and perhaps the possibility of a small fireplace.

In the middle in the backyard, it could be nice to have a dining area and a patio that is surrounded by plants ....oh the possibilities are endless, but it's are still in the process of being developed.

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Helping You Answer Your Questions

The majority of your questions were addressed within this post! Here are some which were not.

Are you planning to get an area pool?

No! I'm not confident enough with children around. I would love to have them when they're both older.

What was our decision regarding the orientation to our new house?

This is a thorny issue. We had originally wanted a modern farmhouse look. As we explored the style we noticed that everybody is using that style. We wanted to make it distinctive, fresh, and timeless. This is when we began to talk about a more Southern Hamptons style. We couldn't be more pleased with the choice we made.

Did we even think of black-framed windows?

Yes. If we were planning to go with the classic Modern Farmhouse style, we needed black-framed windows. The white was a perfect match to the Southern Hamptons style much more. We believe it's more traditional and will never go outdated.

Do we want to fence our backyard?

Aaron states, "yes." However I'm not a fan of it. It seems to detract from the Hamptons style. For me, it's an expensive option. Therefore, I'm winning the debate right now.

That's it. I hope that I have addressed all your concerns and also let you know some of our ideas and plans were/are regarding our exterior. The next step is to begin going through the house and share with you as it gets ever more complete.

Here's a post on the very beginning of our building! It's amazing how it seems as if it was yesterday.