What I believe "Gown The Method You Wish To Be Attended To" is a joke 

Big Sibling Naija actor Angel Smith from the very moment she walked into your home and entered Nigerian conversation was the topic of many discussions. Her unruly personality and manner of dress caused her to be a highly controversial person. A few people really liked her, while some disliked her.

In a new interview on the Saturday Beat, Angel is speaking about her dress and how it led people to think she was not clever. She shares her real-life thoughts regarding the phrase "gown the method you wish to be resolved". She also discusses her life post-Big Siblings home and offers suggestions for new housemates and also how she interacts with her dad and moms. Here's what Angel has to say.

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When asked about the phrase "Gown the method you wish to be resolved", Angel stated:

To be honest, I think the expression, "Gown the way you want to be solved' causes a number of other issues, including sexual assault. The very people who wear their bodies completely covered are raped, so I'm not sure about this statement. It seems to me that this declaration only encourages more people to imitate the act of rape. I don't judge individuals by their appearance. The #EndSARS protests, for instance, came from police officers stereotypes of young Nigerians because of that of how they dressed, as well as being criticized for wearing tattoos and dreadlocks.

In a discussion about the way people relate her ability to dress, Angel stated:

The people who did not recognize the smart aspect of me chose not to take the initiative. It was evident in my discussions. However, a lot of Nigerians tend to be stereotyped. They were very focused on my attire as well as my tattoos and what I present my physical appearance. The idea (intelligence) was there all the time and if they are just seeing it now and in their termsthat I'm now dressing better. Everyone has been talking about how there's changed in how I wear my clothes since the reunion.

When asked about being relevant following the show, Angel stated:

"Success" is dependent on the individual. Some people seem to be successful on social media, but do not seem to be doing very really well. I'm not sure there's any thing I do that stands beyond the norm. I still celebrate and have fun, and I'm the same Angel even though there's some change in certain aspects of my life as I'm becoming older. The most notable thing is that God has been by my side.

Offering suggestions to the the brand-new housemates of Huge Sibling, Angel stated:

My advice to them is to take part and be honest. These are the guidelines I made to myself, and it is exactly the same as what I'll tell new participants.

Talking about how the relationship between dads and moms has changed since The course, Angel stated:

My bond with dad has been always rock solid. But since BBN the relationship has been a bit tense because the man is extremely busy and I'm a frantic one too. We were very "chit-chatty" prior to BBN. Nowadays, the majority of our conversations are work related, but we're still awesome regardless. He will always be my biggest admirer. My mom and I are both cool. In reality she just left my house to return to Ghana. We had to address our relationship, and there were lots of maturing needs to complete. But our relationship is more positive and we are able to get along better.

Angel Smith dressing after BBNaija home

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